• Specialty Environmental Control Solutions

    Specialty Environmental Control Solutions

    Air Innovations designs and manufactures process environmental control systems and custom HVAC units for a variety of industries. Learn about our areas of expertise.

  • Custom Environmental Control for Non-OEMs

    Custom Environmental Control for Non-OEMs

    Many projects require a custom environmental control solution. Air Innovations designs and manufactures custom environmental control units (ECUs) that are tailored to your needs.

  • Custom Climate Control for OEMs

    Custom Climate Control for OEMs

    Original equipment manufacturers often require process environmental control to protect sensitive systems or items. Air Innovations can solve these challenges.

  • Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC

    Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC

    Whether you need humidity and temperature control in a data server room, a wine cellar, humidor room, art storage, or other application, we can maintain the right environment.

Temperature Control. Humidity Control. Air Filtration.

Environmental Control Systems & Custom HVAC

Air Innovations designs, tests, and manufactures environmental control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), custom HVAC projects, and unique environments. We specialize in achieving consistent results in temperature control (low temperature and precision temp control), humidity control (desiccant to near saturation), and air filtration (HEPA to molecular).

Our mission is to help you reach your goals with a process environmental control solution you can rely on. You might need a precise tolerance for temperature or dew point control. You might need to create a cleanroom environment. Maybe you need a system with variable temperature control parameters. Or maybe you need all of those! We can help.

With experience in applications and industries from Aerospace and Pharmaceuticals to Semiconductors and Construction, we are confident we can deliver the environmental control system you need for the unique, demanding specifications of your process. We can work with a very wide range of environmental inputs and deliver the specific outputs your system requires.

Want to learn more? Get specifics about our work with environmental control systems in OEM Environmental Control Systems, Custom Environmental Control Systems, or Cleanroom Systems pages. Or you can learn about our work in specific industries.

If you’re ready to discuss you’re project, send us a project inquiry with some information on your environmental control requirements.

Not sure if we can help? Just ask us. Send us an e-mail via your corporate e-mail account.

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