Air Innovations is a global leader in designing and constructing environmental process control systems for applications that cannot be addressed by standard HVAC equipment. We create high-quality packaged solutions for temperature, humidity, filtration, and pressurization with DX chilled water or thermoelectric cooling capabilities.

Our customers usually fall into two categories: businesses integrating our solution into their OEM equipment or companies requiring a completely custom HVAC solution. Air Innovations can fulfill almost every industry’s need for environmental control.

Get Custom Solutions With Air Innovations

Air Innovations ensures that our products are certified to ETL, UL, CSA, CE, CCC, ANSI, SEMI, MIL-STD, or other customer-designated safety and performance standards. We also have an entire technical staff — from engineers to production workers — who have been cross-trained on our product offerings and adhere to lean manufacturing principles, resulting in shorter production times.

We also have a committed workforce to create, test, and validate our engineered solutions as we aspire for innovation in solving our customers’ problems. Furthermore, you can expect the following when working with Air Innovations:

Wide Range of Industries & Scope of Experience

Our process environmental control expertise ranges from semiconductor systems to large construction projects. We also serve companies in the aerospace, military, and petrochemical industries, as well as a variety of other sectors, including the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Homeland security
  • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Research

All-in-One Design & Production Services

Air Innovations has knowledgeable and experienced teams that provide high-quality products and solutions. Everything is handled under one roof, resulting in convenient, efficient, and flexible production, which is reflected in the solutions we provide for various customer-specific problems with environmental control solutions.


On-Site Tests & Psychometric Chamber

Our psychrometric facility is a two-chamber laboratory that evaluates our products’ safety, reliability, and effectiveness in a controlled environment. The two rooms — mimicking indoor and outdoor conditions — reflect the specific requirements that products will operate under, some of which with highly tight temperature and humidity tolerance levels.

Collaboration for Innovation

Air Innovations strongly believes in developing connections with organizations that aim for technological innovations and local universities with young and creative talents. These connections allow us to collaborate with equally innovative people who can help foster the development of specific technologies, which we can integrate into our systems to solve any of our customers’ needs.

USA-Based & On-Site Work

Air Innovations is a United States-based company that provides job opportunities to our local engineers, technicians, and skilled professionals. Since 1986, we have embraced continuous growth and improvement to provide our customers with the best solutions. We employ only the best and most efficient and reliable people in the industry to ensure we deliver quality and effective solutions and cut production times in half, and — through it all — we have remained steadfast in our pursuit of unrelenting progress.

The Experts in Environmental Control

Air Innovations offers expertise in designing and developing cooling systems (self-contained and remote packaged) for specified temperature, humidity, and filtration control. Our company’s core competency is comprehending specialized requirements, limitations, and objectives and then transforming them into a custom environmental control system.

Marcos and Mark

Environmental control units (ECUs) regulate the environment within a specific space. They are required in various industrial applications to ensure that parameters are sufficient to achieve optimal process effectiveness and efficiency. Our ECUs can come in three configurations:

  • Integrated: They are built to fit into an existing structure, resulting in a smaller footprint, increased system efficiency, and reduced costs.
  • Mounted: They are connected to an existing system and can reduce the overall weight and footprint.
  • Standalone: They are installed around equipment rather than in or on, providing greater flexibility in system location, installation, configuration, and performance.

The following characteristics are frequently integrated into our ECUs:

  • DX chilled water or thermoelectric cooling
  • Explosion-proof capabilities
  • Mil-Spec or Semi standards
  • Customized sizing or configuration
  • Stationary or mobile
  • Humidification and dehumidification, ultrasonic or steam humidification

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At Air Innovations, we offer custom environmental control solutions that meet an application’s specifications and limitations. We cover everything from system design to prototype development, testing, and manufacturing.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our environmental control solutions or to discuss your ECU needs with one of our specialists. You can also view our frequently asked questions (FAQS) and areas of expertise!