Air Innovations and the CARES Act Reimbursement Program

In recent days there have been questions regarding what may be eligible for reimbursement under the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund (CARES Act) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the guidelines of the CARES Act increased funding of the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund, an organization must use the funds “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, and the payment shall reimburse the recipient only for healthcare-related expenses or loss of revenues that are attributed to coronavirus.”

To be eligible for the program, the healthcare provider must have billed a Medicare fee for service in the calendar year 2019, and the provider must be testing or caring for individuals with possible or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Healthcare providers must also be eligible to participate in federal health programs.

Air Innovations has several products that may qualify for reimbursement under the CARES Act Reimbursement Program if you determine that your organization meets the specified criteria to receive this funding.

IsolationAir portable contamination control systems create a sterile environment in an isolated room, which
prevents cross-contamination throughout the rest of the facility.

HEPAirX ventilating room-air purifiers quickly and effectively dilute, filter, and reduce indoor pollutants that are often cited as the causes of asthma, respiratory irritations, and allergic reactions.  The HEPAirX unit combines the three primary strategies for indoor air quality improvement: filtration, ventilation, and isolation.

SSC4500 Sterile Storage Cabinets are portable storage solutions for your sterilized equipment. The units are designed for temperature and humidity control to simulate cleanroom conditions without the need to design a cleanroom.

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