Floratech’s refrigerated display cases feature our patented, Always Open® designs and boundary layer airflow technology that keep flowers fresh without doors or confining tops and sides. Standard and customized floral displays are available in different sizes and colors that can be combined to form islands, wall units or wraparounds to increase your flowers’ visibility and your store’s impulse sales. Dry sections complement your potted plant and floral merchandise presentations.

Whether your floral department is located in a supermarket, warehouse or convenience store, Floratech has a refrigerated floral display case that will extend your flowers’ freshness and shelf life, match your store’s décor, and support its sales strategies.

Floratech Wall of Color Floral Cooler Wall of Color
The Wall of Color is a tall cooler without confining top or sides that offers high vase capacity, unparalleled merchandising flexibility and excellent product visibility from three sides of the aisle. It features a patented shelving system that can be quickly adjusted to optimize floral presentations, while always making the cooler look full. Self-stowing shelving also makes it easy to convert from bouquets to arrangements. Available in modules of 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet, this cooler can be arranged in straight-line or curved configurations to fit any floral department’s size or layout.
 Floratech Low Pro Floral Cooler  

Low Profile
The Low Profile Flowers Merchant features an open top and front for the ultimate in refrigerated floral merchandising. Available in modules of 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet, this cooler can be arranged in straight-line or island configurations to fit any floral department’s size or layout. With optional, self-stow shelving you can convert the case from bouquets to arrangements. Optional mirrored two-step sectons and half-rounds aligned with the coolers’s steps create a unified look.

 Floratech Checkstand Floral Cooler Checkstand – Cool Spot
The Checkstand and Cool Spot are ideal for your point-of-purchase areas. They are completely self-contained and portable, using 115-volt service so they can be located anywhere in your store depending on seasonal or traffic needs. The Checkstand shown on left accommodates standard or long-stem vases on rings so you can easily adjust according to your floral stock’s type and quantity
 Floratech Floral cooler - small wrap case Mass Merchandiser
The Mass Merchandiser was designed for the rugged, high volume environment of the largest supermarkets and warehouse stores. High vase capacity, shelving options and built-in lighting make this a versatile cooler that makes a statement as an end cap and can be shopped from two sides of the aisle.


Let’s talk about customizing a floral cooler for your store’s special needs.

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Manuals and other Floratech Documents

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