MyZone® Desk Console Management System


The MyZone® desk console management system (model ME200) can be attached to a personal work surface and combines environmental control, lighting control, and lift functions inside a single unit.

Looking to purchase the unit with the HEPA filter? Visit this page.

*Unit shown is mounted horizontally. In order to accomplish this, a separate horizontal mounting bracket must be purchased here.

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Standard MyZone System Features:

  • Variable Heating and Cooling with adjustable louvers that allow air to be directed at the user
  • Non-fixed controller for user placement convenience
  • Integrated leg lift control for sit/stand desk
  • Presets for up to 15 users
  • Task light dimming
  • Adjustable clock and calendar
  • Adjustable white noise generator
  • Lowest power consumption in the industry – half the power draw of all similar systems
  • Automatic motion sensor that puts system into sleep mode after ten (10) minutes of inactivity

Download the MyZone System Datasheet

Download the MyZone System Manual

Optional HEPA Filter:

The MyZone system’s optional HEPA filter helps provide better air quality and greater protection against infectious diseases. It directs high-quality pure air at the user. The HEPA filter was found to reduce particle counts by 94% in 5 minutes. Visit this page for more information.

Download the HEPA Filter Study

Installing a MyZone System:

Additional information


Air Velocity Up to 1100 ft/min


0-350W; up to 140°F (60°C) outlet temperature

Task Lights

Max 3A load, 2 outlets, on/off versatility for incandescent lights


Up to 3 Linak lifts control references (Linak Model CBD6S) or dry contacts for up to 2 24VDC 2AMP max loads leg lifts

Auxiliary outlet

Dimmable 120 volt outlet may adjust through graphical interface

LED Light

Dimmable 24 VDC light used with power barrel connector PWG 2.10 ID, 5.5 mm OD

Commercial grade

Powder coated, lightweight aluminum


Touchscreen digital interface



Motion sensor

10-minute turn off with no activity; returns to last setting upon activation

USB port on the user interface

5 VDC output, 5w charge power

White noise generator

Sound masking allows for speech privacy and sharper focus

Voltage/Frequency/ Current


User presets

Up to 15 users


Standard digital clock/Display calendar