Psychrometric Testing Facility

Air Innovations’ psychrometric facility is a two-chamber laboratory that tests the safety, reliability and performance of our products in a controlled environment. The two rooms—dedicated for indoor and outdoor conditions—mimic specifications under which products will actually operate, many of which are very tight temperature and humidity tolerances.

The facility is used for a wide variety of products that we design and build including products intended for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical, research and other industries. We also test the components used in the company’s air- and water-cooled packaged, through-the-wall, and split systems as well as competitors’ performance parameters.

Psychrometric Testing Facility

Technical Information:

The 2880 cubic foot facility tests temperatures between 0°F and 120°F (-17°C and 48°C). Humidity is created by an ionic-bed electric steam generator rated at 45 pounds/hour (20.4 kg/hr), controlling to ±2.5% relative humidity. Cooling capacity is up to 33,000 BTUH (9.67 kW) per room, while heating capacity varies from 14,000 BTUH (4.34 kW) in the indoor room and 130,000 BTUH (38 kW) in the outdoor room. Each room operates 2100 CFM (3567 cubic meters/hr) of continuously re-circulating air. Airflow measurements (up to 800 CFM) and unit-under-test leaving air properties for dry bulb/wet bulb are collected via a code tester or standard airflow hood. Automated data acquisition and control reduces data collection time.

The facility can test 60 Hz products between 115 V and 277 V (1 phase) and 208 V to 460 V, 3 phase. Products at 50 Hz / 230 V (3 phase) can be tested too. The facility meets all major national and international standards for safety and performance such as: Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers; American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers; Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute; CE Mark; and, Underwriters’ Laboratories.


  • Lab facility testing capabilities between 0°F and 120°F (-17°C and 48°C)
  • Controlled by ionic bed electric steam generator rated at 45 lbs./hr. (20.4kg/hr) controlling to +/- 2.5%RH
Cooling capacity/room
  • Up to 33,000 BTUH (9.67 kW)
Heating capacity
  • Indoor room=14,000 BTUH (4.34 kW)
  • Outdoor room=130,000 BTUH (38 kW)
Airflow measurement
  • 2000 CFM codetester (air tunnel apparatus) that automatically calculates CFM, and measures UUT leaving air properties for dry bulb/ wet bulb
Facilities’ airflow
  • Each room operates 2100 CFM (3567 cubic meters/hr.) of continuously re-circulating air
Power measurements
  • Yokogawa panel meters measure accurate volts/amps/watts consumed by UUT determine efficiency ratio
Automated data acquisition and control
  • Reduces time routinely collecting data and gathers UUT data to provide test reports with calculations made for: temperatures; pressures; performance in BTUH; system operating characteristics (superheat, sub-cooling, etc.)
  • Any refrigerant can be used for UUT
Power supply
  • Can test products at 115V to 277V, 1 phase, and 208V to 460V, 3 phase, 60Hz
  • Ability to test 230V/50Hz products
Test protocols
  • Can test to various performance and safety test standards such as AHAM, AHRI, ASHRAE, CE, UL
Test cell infrastructure
  • Two separate rooms (indoor room and outdoor room) totaling 2880 cu ft. (77 cu. meters)
  • Constructed of steel frame and muffler-grade internal and external panels
  • Each features overhead/side entry doors for product loading/personnel
  • Internal lighting, viewing windows