Humidity Control Systems

Humidity control is important across a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and processes. Adverse effects or even catastrophic outcomes are possible if humidity is not considered. In the aerospace industry, if your rocket requires tight tolerances and the humidity control does not work properly, crystallization may occur inside the rocket which could result in the loss of the overall system.

As an environmental control company, we specialize in providing humidity control solutions for our customers in which controlling humidity is vital for the success of their projects.

Humidity control solutions

Different Applications Require Different Humidity Control

As our customers know, different application processes require different humidity levels. Some processes will require more humidity while others will require a drier environment. If an application becomes too dry, static discharge is possible. Location can also have an impact on humidification. If your application is physically located in a desert area, or other drier parts of the world, it is possible more humidity will be needed for that application. In the military industry, a laser in a dry environment may succumb to static discharge which can burn out the electronics if it doesn’t have proper humidification.

Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Is Sensitive To Changes In HumidityPharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Is Sensitive To Changes In Humidity

If too much humidity is present, sweating is possible on the walls and components of the application. In the pharmaceutical industry, applications can become too sticky and not dry properly which could affect the pill coating process and result in the loss of product.

Some applications will require tight humidification control to work properly. Applications in the semiconductor industry may require very tight tolerances with lower humidity levels to meet the tested process demands. Additionally, it is especially essential that if an application is using outside air, limited humidity fluctuation rates are considered for the process.

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What We Can Do

Air Innovations humidity control systems can control humidity to ±0.5% RH from desiccant levels to 95% saturation for the industries we work in including aerospace, semiconductors, cleanrooms, pharmaceuticals, military, oil/mining and many more. These industries all present unique humidity challenges. We design, manufacture, and test custom humidity control solutions to meet your needs.

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