Biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical HVAC systems are often needed for temperature, humidity and dew point control in sensitive processes and equipment. At Air Innovations, we’ve created a variety of process control systems for the medical, biotech, and life sciences fields.

Pharmacutical, biotech & medical capabilities

Pharmaceutical Environmental Control Units

Air Innovations’ custom pharmaceutical environmental control units offer refined tolerances in temperature (as precise as ±0.02°C) and relative humidity (to ±0.5% RH), as well as operating over the temperature or humidity ranges you specify. Some of our customers also require biotech hvac systems that have limited footprints or fit in a limited space within their system.

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We can design, test, and build products that can be integrated into or run parallel with your system. We highlight a few examples on our website: from an integrated environmental control system for chemical process control to pharmaceutical hvac systems running in parallel with fluid-bed dryers and blister packing machines (for dew point control), and a Class 1 Div. 1 explosion-proof hvac unit that controls the process air needed for solvent-based coating of pharmaceutical tablets.

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Not sure if we can meet your challenge? Learn more about our capabilities, then put us to the test! For an overview of some of our pharmaceutical environmental control systems, download Air Innovations’ Pharmaceutical Brochure.

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