The Challenge:

Two separate pharmaceutical packaging firms required unique air conditioning technology. In one case, a returning customer requested precisely controlled conditions to provide an exact level of uniform drying for fluid bed dryers used by the manufacturer to coat capsules, pills and caplets. The second pharmaceutical company required a single packaged system containing humidification and a cooling system, plus a desiccant dryer, for a blister pack packaging machine. The company requested broad flexibility in environmental control in anticipation of future requirements in the industry.

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The Solution:

Pharmaceutical Hvac System With Precision Process Control

For the first company, Air Innovations delivered a precision pharmaceutical process control unit supplying air to the process tools with the ability to add or remove humidity and maintain a 50°F dew point level. For the second company we developed a multiple device pharmaceutical HVAC system designed to provide either a very dry or a very humid environment on demand.

The Result:

1. All design specifications were met in both pharmaceutical HVAC systems.

2. For the first company an environmental control system supplying air to the process tools that could add or remove humidity and maintain 50°F dew point level was designed.

3. For the second company Air Innovations developed a multiple device system that could provide either a very dry or very humid environment — on demand.

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