The MyZone® personal desk environment (model ME200) is a desk console management system that attaches to a personal work surface and combines environmental control, lighting control, and lift functions inside a single unit.

The MyZone® desk console management control system includes a color touch screen for environmental control (heating and cooling airflow), lighting control, and integrated desk-leg lift control functions. Users can control these features with the non-fixed controller, which can be positioned anywhere above or below the desk.

Because the mechanical section of the unit can be mounted either vertically or horizontally under the desk, the MyZone® system is very simple to install. It is also compatible with a variety of sit or stand desk designs for maximum flexibility.

My Zone System


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Heating and Cooling

On top of the desk, adjustable louvers allow variable heating and cooling to be aimed directly at a user. Air velocity can be set up to 1100 ft/min and the temperature up to 140°F (60°C).


Under the desk, a vent provides heated air to temperatures up to 140°F (60°C).

Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Controller

Controls the heating and cooling capabilities of the system. The controller can also connect to leg lifts and task light to control all a desk’s functions in one easy-to-use interface. In addition, the controller has the following features:

  • Adjustable white noise generator
  • Adjustable clock and calendar
  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Presets for up to 15 users
  • Non-fixed for user placement convenience

Task Light Dimming

A task light can be connected to the system to control power and dimming right on top of the desk using the MyZone system’s controller.

Auxiliary Outlet

An auxiliary outlet on the side of the system lets a user plug in a laptop charger, a phone charger, an extra light, or any other device for easy accessibility on the desk.

Optional HEPA Filter

An optional HEPA filter can be installed onto the system to better air quality and greater protection against infectious diseases. Learn more.

Leg Lift Control

A desk’s integrated leg lifts can be connected to the MyZone system for easy control of the height right on the system’s controller.

  • Standard Myzone® System Features

    The MyZone® systems come with the following standard features:

    • Variable heating and cooling with adjustable louvers that allow air to be directed at the user
    • Non-fixed controller for user placement convenience
    • Integrated leg lift control for sit/stand desk
    • Presets for up to 15 users
    • Task light dimming
    • Uses only 3.9A of power, whereas competing systems require the power of 12A and up
    • Optional HEPA filtration for improved air quality and enhanced protection for employees at their desks
    • Adjustable clock and calendar
    • Adjustable white noise generator
    • Lowest power consumption in the industry – half the power draw of all similar systems
    • Automatic motion sensor that puts the system into sleep mode after ten (10) minutes of inactivity – additional power savings
  • Specifications

    The MyZone® personal desk environment offers the following specifications:

    • Cooling: 0 to 110 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
    • Heating: 0 to 350W heaters capable of producing up to 140°F (60°C) in outlet temperature
    • Task Light: Features two outlets with a max load of 3A and on/off versatility for incandescent lights
    • Lifts: Features up to three control references for Linak Model CBD6S lifts, or dry contacts for up to two 24VDC 2AMP maximum load leg lifts
    • Auxiliary outlet: A dimmable 120V outlet with a graphical interface for adjustment
    • LED Light: A dimmable 24VDC LED light used in conjunction with a power barrel connector (PWG 2.10 ID and 5.5 mm OD)
    • Commercial-grade: Lightweight aluminum construction with a durable powder coating
    • Controls: A touchscreen digital interface to control the system
    • Filtration: Uses standard MERV 7 filtration or optional 99.97% HEPA filtration
    • Motion sensor: The unit will turn off after 10 minutes of no activity and return to the last setting upon reactivation
    • USB port integrated into the user interface: A USB port with a 5VDC output and 5W charging power
    • White noise generator: Improve focus and privacy when speaking by masking sound with white noise
    • Voltage/Frequency/Current: 115V/60Hz/3.9A
    • User presets: Up to 15 user presets
    • Clock/Calendar: Standard digital clock and display calendar
  • Optional Hepa Filtration
    MyZone Infographic HEPA filterClick to Enlarge (+)

    MyZone systems can be installed with an optional HEPA filter provide better air quality and greater protection against infectious diseases.

    Read our study on the “Effectiveness of the MyZone system’s HEPA Filter” below.

My Zone Desk Controller

MyZone Systems From Air Innovations

The MyZone® system facilitates a customizable workspace by allowing the user to control temperature, lighting, lifting function, and more. With features such as LED lighting, optional HEPA filtration, white noise generator, etc., workers can tailor their workspace to their preferences to boost productivity and enhance comfort.

At Air Innovations, we design, manufacture, and test environmental control units for custom HVAC projects, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and specialized environments. With each of our solutions, we strive to achieve consistent results in air filtration, humidity control, and temperature control. Our MyZone® system offers the ideal solution for providing personalized comfort for companies with large staff, as well as for mission-critical workers that must remain at their workstations for extended periods of time. For more information about the MyZone® personal desk environment from Air Innovations, contact us today.


Myzone Systems Datasheet


Effectiveness of Myzone System’s Hepa Filter in Reducing Particle Count


The Human Factor



MyZone® Desk Console Management Systems. Watch the video below:

MyZone Desk Console Management Systems. Watch the video below:

MyZone® systems can be quickly and easily integrated into any desk. Watch the video guide below:

MyZone systems can be quickly and easily integrated into any desk. Watch the video guide below:

View or Download Our Infographic:

Interested in learning more about our personal desk environments? Read our case study on how we helped West Bend Mutual provide its employees with customizable personal climate control and comfort at their desks. We also have cast studies available covering the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor industry, and the healthcare industry. These case studies can be found here.

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*ME200 US Patent No. D786096