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Climate Control Solutions for Homeland Security
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Homeland Security HVAC

Complex situations call for environmental control expertise. There are not many places that have the rigid standards and necessity for high quality as Homeland Security, but we are able to provide custom solutions in environmental control and homeland security HVAC. Homeland Security trusts Air Innovations to deliver.

The custom homeland security HVAC systems we design must be able to maintain temperature, humidity and other specifications in rugged and wide-ranging climates like indoor and outdoor baggage claims at airports.

Since Air Innovations has already created solutions specifically for Homeland Security applications, you can trust us when you require an HVAC system for explosives detection devices and other scanning systems. View the case study below for more information on the environmental control units we developed for Homeland Security. Then contact us with your project inquiry today!

Just Ask Our Clients

"I'm really impressed with the how the unit is responding to the test parameters, and the recovery times are exceptionally impressive. Your attention to detail and expertise is very evident with how the PECS is performing during this final test phase."

Ed Duben - Mission Management, United Launch Alliance

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