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Air Innovations’ process environmental control expertise crosses many industries from semiconductor systems to major construction projects and from aerospace and military environmental control units to the petrochemical industry. There are simply too many industries and applications to list here. However, the industries listed below represent common applications of our custom environmental control work.

For some industries, we’ve created standard environmental control units that can be found on the “Our Areas of Expertise” menu or in the “Other Brands” section of our website. Our standard environmental control systems include specialty HVAC products for the commercial and residential construction markets as well as desktop environmental control solutions for emergency desk and console manufacturers, and hospital contamination control systems.

Whitepaper Collection – Read whitepapers on aerospace, semiconductors & desktop console management systems

If you don’t see your industry below, you can learn more about our environmental control capabilities or contact us to discuss your project details and specifications today.

Environmental Control Whitepaper Collection

This page presents a collection of whitepapers on the HVAC challenges presented to Air Innovations…

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Hospital Air Filtration Systems for Effective Infection Control

Similar to all medical facilities, hospitals are subject to strict hygiene standards. These…

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Aerospace HVAC

Aerospace Environmental Control Systems

In aerospace environmental control, failure is not an option. Whether you are preparing to send…

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Environmental Control for Homeland Security Systems

Homeland Security HVAC

Complex situations call for environmental control expertise. There are not many places that have the…

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Observation Wheels

Air Innovations has meaningful experience customizing environmental control units for some of the…

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Life Sciences and Biotech Environmental Control Systems

Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical HVAC

Biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical HVAC systems are often needed for temperature, humidity…

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Severe Duty HVAC for Military Systems

Military Environmental Control Units

    The military needs equipment that will perform reliably long after standard solutions…

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HVAC Systems in Research Applications

Environmental Control in Research Applications

Research applications often require complex environmental control systems to cool critical equipment…

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Semiconductor HVAC Systems

Semiconductor Temperature Control Systems & Humidity Regulation

  Controlling temperature and humidity is crucial to the longevity and performance of…

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Linq High Roller Environmental Control

Other Industries

  While many of our customers work in the industries we highlight in our site menu, many others…

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