Research applications often require complex environmental control systems to cool critical equipment and processes. While there are too many varieties of environmental control requirements that come up in research applications to list here, Air Innovations has experience designing environmental cooling systems with a wide range of constraints and parameters including the following: temperature, humidity, filtration, airflow, space, shape, color, material, energy consumption, heat-exhaust, explosion-proofing, harsh environments, and more.

So, you can be confident we can design a solution that conforms to your requirements.

Most air handling systems Air Innovations designs control temperatures between 0°F to 100°F (-18°C and 38°C), while temperature tolerances for those same systems can extend over a wide range or be as precise as ±0.01°C, depending on the research application. We also design systems with humidity levels near saturation (95% or greater humidity) to desiccant conditions (<3% RH) and everywhere in between.

Air Innovations has designed custom cooling systems for research applications from linear accelerators and government research laboratories to corporate R&D facilities and drug discovery locations. So whether you see your specific research application listed here or not, reach out to us with the details of your project today!

Or learn more about how Air Innovations has worked on a variety of environmental control systems in research applications from the case studies below.

For More Information on Environmental Control in research Applications the Case Study Below