Environmental control units (ECUs) play a crucial role in a variety of research applications. They are commonly used in pharmaceutical facilities, government labs, and other research environments to regulate conditions such as temperature, humidity, airflow, and much more. By maintaining the required environmental conditions, ECUs ensure the integrity of critical research equipment and processes. At Air Innovations, we can engineer customized ECUs to support the unique requirements of your specific research applications.

Custom-Designed Environmental Cooling Systems for Your Research Specifications

Research facilities must meet various environmental control requirements to ensure the integrity of equipment and processes. Air Innovations has the experience to design environmental cooling systems that adhere to your specific parameters and constraints:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Filtration
  • Airflow
  • Space
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Material
  • Energy consumption
  • Heat exhaust
  • Explosion-proof
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • And much more!

When you partner with Air Innovations, you can be confident that we can custom design an environmental control solution that conforms to your requirements and supports your research project’s particular needs.

Achieving Specific Temperature and Humidity Ranges

Most of our air handling systems can control temperatures between 0°F to 100°F (-18°C and 38°C), with temperature tolerances that can extend over a wide range or be as precise as ±.02°C, depending on your particular needs. We can also engineer environmental control systems that maintain humidity levels ranging from near saturation (95% or more) to near desiccant conditions (less than 3% relative humidity).

In true research environments, variables such as temperature and humidity must be changed constantly. Our ECUs feature dials and controls that allow our clients to raise and lower the temperature or adjust the humidity level themselves. By providing a big range of temperature and humidity control set points, our ECUs allow you to adjust the variables to the best possible configuration.

Benefits of Environmental Control in A Research Laboratory Environment

Environmental control systems offer a great way for laboratories and other research environments to maintain precise control over environmental conditions. By utilizing an ECU in your research facility, you gain access to various benefits, such as the following:

  • Prevent exposure to harmful microorganisms, toxic chemicals, and fumes
  • Protect sensitive equipment
  • Ensure accurate data
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent cross-contamination of test samples
  • Ensure reproducibility of test results
  • Prevent outside contaminants from affecting your analysis

Research Applications that Require Specialized ECUs

Air Innovations can custom-design environmental control systems to meet the needs of many research industries, including government, pharmaceutical, aerospace, OEM/product development, semiconductor, and medical. Our ECUs have supported numerous applications, ranging from government research laboratories and linear accelerators to drug discovery locations and R&D facilities. Regardless of your particular application, Air Innovations has the capabilities and expertise to tailor a solution to your unique specifications.

Air Innovations, a Leader in Environmental Control Solutions

Air Innovations is a leading designer and builder of environmental process control solutions for applications where standard HVAC equipment is not sufficient. We specialize in achieving consistent results in humidity control, temperature control, and air filtration to ensure optimal protection of sensitive systems and processes.

Our psychrometric testing facility allows our engineers to simulate real life temperature, humidity, and airflow conditions to ensure reliable performance of our products in the environmental conditions in which they will operate.

To ensure we meet our customers’ unique industry requirements, we can manufacture our systems to UL, ANSI, CE, SEMI, Mil-Std, and other unique standards and certifications.

Our Case Studies - Environmental Control in Research Applications

The following case studies are examples of how Air Innovations created environmental control solutions for various research applications:

Water-Cooled ECU for Laboratory
Water-Cooled ECU for Laboratory

A university research lab came to Air Innovations for help in expanding its infrastructure in the nanophotonics field. To support their research program, we constructed a three-cubed, water-cooled air conditioner featuring dry-steam humidification.

Linear Accelerator Cooling System
Linear Accelerator Cooling System

We were approached by a federal laboratory to create a linear accelerator cooling system for a silicon pixel sub-detector within the “STAR” detector. We developed a cooling system that uses high static pressure with specialized blowers to accommodate space restrictions. We also added dehumidification, heating, pre-filtration, and HEPA filtration to the system.

Explosion-Proof Environmental Control System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Explosion-Proof Environmental Control System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Air Innovations was able to develop a Class I, Division I environmental control system for a global supplier to the pharmaceutical tablet coating industry. The primary purpose of this system is to control the process air used for coating pharmaceutical tablets.

Contact Our Experts for More Information

Controlling all aspects of a research laboratory environment is crucial in protecting sensitive equipment and processes and ensuring accurate test results. At Air Innovations, we can work with you to develop a custom environmental control system that aligns with the unique requirements of your research project. Whether you require temperature control, humidity control, or air filtration, our experts can deliver a reliable solution. For more information about our environmental control systems, contact us today.