For many industries, temperature control is essential to ensure that their critical processes operate efficiently and effectively. Pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturers need to ensure their environment is within a very precise temperature range as small fluctuations can have dramatic consequences on the quality of their sensitive products. Other industries may have critical equipment located in areas of the world that experience a broad range of extreme temperature conditions. They need to ensure that their equipment maintains consistent temperatures regardless of the ambient conditions.

Air Innovations specializes in broad and precise temperature control solutions for companies across numerous sectors. We integrate a variety of process controls — including temperature, filtration, air pressure, and humidity — into custom environmental control units (ECUs) built specifically for each customer’s unique applications.

Broad to Price Temperature Control System

Achieving the Optimal Temperature Range for Your Industrial Application

Our experienced in-house technicians are capable of distilling all environmental variables into the single best means of controlling the temperature of a designated space in your application. Air Innovations has designed environmental control systems that are able to maintain precise temperatures within +-0.02°. Other industrial temperature control systems we develop can maintain temperatures within a wide range of 0° F to 100° F (-18°C to 38°C), although precise temperature control within +-0.02° C is not typically employed within such a broad ambient spectrum.

Most indoor operating needs range between 38° F and 85° F (3° C and 29° C), which is often at odds with the fluctuating ambient (or outdoor) temperatures. We’ve successfully designed temperature control systems that maintain stable internal temperatures for applications where external temperatures range between -20° F and 125° F (-29° C and 52° C).

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Environmental Control Unit


The Benefits of Temperature Control in Industry

Precise temperature control provides numerous benefits for manufacturers needing narrow limits on operational efficiencies and temperature requirements. Air Innovations’ precision temperature control technologies make our clients capable of the following:

  • Maintaining product quality and site safety
  • Improving process efficiencies
  • Reducing operational costs, energy consumption, and maintenance needs
  • Meeting government and industry standards


Examples of Broad vs. Precise Range Temperature Control for Industrial Applications

We’ve developed highly customized temperature control systems that meet the standards for the most technically demanding industries, including aerospace, military, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and semiconductor manufacturing.

In the following cases, our clients have depended on precise temperature control tolerances to ensure that the sensitive products they are manufacturing aren’t affected by extreme temperature changes:

Air Innovations' Project Examples
Air Innovations' Project Examples
Air Innovations' Project Examples
  • Semiconductors: In order to accurately calculate the distance between a laser and a substrate at a nanometer level, lithography tools cannot experience more than a +/-0.03°C fluctuation. Air Innovations designed an environmental control unit for a semiconductor company that allowed them to maintain a temperature of 20°C within ±0.03°C.
  • Microchip Manufacturing: Microchips are very sensitive to heat, cold, moisture, and debris – so when exposed to an imperfect manufacturing environment, these chips’ effectiveness could be impacted. We have designed an ECU for one microchip manufacturer that could maintain a temperature within +/- 0.05°F (+/- 0.03°C), ensuring a stable environment.
  • Pharma: Some pharmaceuticals involve combustible chemical compounds whose properties could change with environmental fluctuations. One client came to Air Innovations needing cleanroom control with no more than a 1.8°F (1°C) shift in temperature. Air Innovations was able to develop a system to accurately control these conditions.

In other cases, our temperature control systems must accommodate broad temperature ranges. These include the following:

Air Innovations' Project Examples
Air Innovations' Project Examples
Air Innovations' Project Examples
Air Innovations' Project Examples
  • Government Radar Systems: KBR came to Air Innovations to protect their ERILS government radar systems from the extreme ambient conditions it would be exposed to in the field. The solution we designed was able to control temperatures between 75°F to 90°F in cooling mode, and below 40°F in heating mode. The system itself is able to operate effectively in ambient conditions between -30°F (-34°C) to 125°F (52°C).
  • Aerospace: A private aerospace developer needed to protect their rockets from extreme weather conditions at the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Air Innovations was able to design and build an environmental control unit that could tolerate a broad range of ambient temperatures from 20°F (-7°C) to 100°F (38°C).
  • Observation Wheel: The Linq High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas, Nevada came to Air Innovations to design multiple HVAC systems to keep passengers safe and comfortable during its year-round operation. The systems we designed were able to tolerate ambient ranges between 25°F to 108°F (-3°C to 42°C) and control internal cabin temperatures from 67°F to 73°F (19°C and 23°C).
  • Oil and Gas: Air Innovations was tasked with designing an explosion-proof system for use in a centrifuge to remove slurry during the drilling of oil and gas. The system was able to operate in extreme climate conditions between -40°F to +130°F.


Quality You Can Trust – Meeting Industry Standards

Air Innovations continually researches, develops, and tests new temperature control systems for industrial use. Our fully in-house design and production teams collaborate with a wide range of industries with applications where product quality, safety, and mission success depended on precise and broad temperature controls.


Contact Our Experts for Custom Temperature Control Systems

Ongoing control of external and internal temperatures is necessary to maintain safe and efficient industrial operations. Air Innovations continually advances the ECU technologies that make precise and broad industrial temperature control systems possible, and we hold numerous certifications for safety and performance standards. To learn more or to request a quote, contact us, and tell our environmental process control experts about your control system temperature needs.