Air Innovations features a variety of environmental control solutions for your healthcare needs. We offer over 30 years of expertise in maintaining cleanrooms for a variety of industry specific applications. Whether you need systems to help prevent reinfection, maintain sterile instruments, turn a flexible space into a quarantine area, or efficiently sterilize a space, we have solutions.

Sterile Storage – Post Sterile Storage Cabinet

Featuring our new Sterile Storage Cabinets (SSC4500) that are designed to keep your sterilized equipment sterile.  Units maintain cleanroom conditions for use in a variety of healthcare applications from hospital to private practices, and dentistry. Unique temperature and humidity control maintains temperature 66°F to 72°F and humidity 20% to 60% RH.

Sterile Storage

Contamination – Hospital Contamination Control (IsolationAir®)

We’ve designed our IsolationAir® contamination control system for hospitals, extended care facilities, dental offices, off-site surge space, and more. This portable AIIR solution, includes on-board medical-grade HEPA filtration, UVC sterilization, air conditioning and ductwork. It quickly converts a standard-sized patient room into a negative or positive pressure environment. IsolationAir system improves air quality for patients and staff and expands institutions’ surge capacity for infectious disease outbreaks, trauma and burn care.

Healthcare Environments

Ventilating Room air purifier – HEPAiRx®

HEPAiRx® is a room-air purifier that quickly and effectively filters, dilutes, and reduces indoor pollutants that are often cited as causes of allergic reactions and respiratory irritations. The unit is a unique combination of an energy recovery ventilator, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration, heater, and air conditioner that is conveniently window-mounted.

Sterilization – Nimbus + Microburst

Nevoa is proud to present the next generation whole-room disinfection system. Nevoa partnered with Air Innovations, Inc. to perfect the sterilization procedure on their life saving robot.  After the pathogen eliminating solution is atomized into the hospital patient room, Nimbus quickly and automatically removes the germ-killing disinfectant cloud using rapid dehumidification and air scrubbing technology designed by Air Innovations.

Healthcare Environments

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