Extremely hot and humid conditions in factories, warehouses and outdoor work environments can pose serious threats to industrial equipment operators. Forklift drivers and material movers are required to have the utmost attention while moving cargo to ensure jobsite safety. Employers cannot afford to have exhausted and weary employees endangering themselves and others.

While one possible solution could involve enclosing a driver in an air-conditioned cabin, it is important to note that many material handling vehicles are intentionally designed with open cabins. These open cabins are created with safety in mind to prioritize the driver’s visibility and audibility. Therefore, enclosing the driver in an air-conditioned cabin may not only incur additional costs but also introduce greater risks on the jobsite.


Cabin Cool System

To help keep industrial equipment operators productive, Air Innovations designed the Cabin Cool System – a compact environmental control system that directs cool air onto vehicle operators without limiting their movement or disturbing their line of sight.

This system is a “one-size-fits-all” solution and can be easily mounted onto a variety industrial equipment vehicles without the need of an enclosure. Cool air is directly blown onto the operator with 2 adjustable air delivery ducts. The operator can control the cooling to their exact preferences by adjusting the fan speed and air temperature, allowing for optimal comfort regardless of the ambient conditions in the indoor or outdoor jobsite. This system can cool the air up to 25° lower than the surrounding air.

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Cabin Cool

The Cabin Cool system was designed and tested to meet the needs of the industry:

  • Versatile: Can be utilized on both new and used vehicles, whether they are powered by gas or electricity operating at 12 to 48 V DC.
  • Flexible: The unit, measuring in at 24″ x 11.5″ x 8″, can be conveniently mounted and installed on various locations of the vehicle.
  • Ruggedized: Rugged enough to handle severe shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations, and humidity conditions that could arise in daily indoor or outdoor environments.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable air ducts, fan speed, and air temperature allow the driver to set the conditions that are most comfortable to them.
  • Cost Effective: Less expensive than typical enclosed-cab solutions.

Cabin Cool System Diagram

For applications involving forklifts and other material movers, please contact our partners at cabincool.co. They can provide additional system specifications and dealers to purchase from.

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