Here you will find answers about HVAC questions, Clean Room Systems, answers to Environmental Control questions, and more. These HVAC FAQs cover general and advanced topics, including answers about the service Air Innovations provides. Contact Air Innovations directly if you do not see the answer to a question you have.

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How does Air Innovations ensure my ECU meets my specified environmental conditions?

First, we listen! Once we are sure we understand your challenge and specifications, our engineering team goes to work on the best-fit solution. After we have a prototype of your environmental control solution, we deliver it to our state-of-the-art, in-house psychrometric facility for laboratory testing to ensure the designed product meets your specified conditions. To learn more about our in-house testing capabilities, click here.

What temperature and/or humidity conditions and tolerances can Air Innovations control to?

Air Innovations can control for a broad range of temperature and humidity conditions. We control environments from 0°F to 100°F (-18°C and 38°C) with tolerances from plus or minus a few degrees to ±0.01°C. We also control conditions from trace moisture (subzero dewpoint) to 90% RH ±0.5%.

What ambient conditions can your equipment operate in?

Our environmental control equipment has be designed and tested to operate in ambient conditions from -40°F to 130°F (-40°C and 54°C) and up to 100% humidity.

What kind of special construction does Air Innovations work with?

Air Innovations designs for innovation and tests for precision in all sorts of environments:

  • Constrained sizes or configurations
  • Explosion-proof HVAC
  • Mobile environmental control units
  • High filtration ECUs (HEPA, ULPA or molecular)
  • Typical or specialty refrigerants
  • Diverse testing protocols (AHAM, AHRI,ASHRAE, CE, L, CC)
  • Positive or negative pressure environments
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Ruggedized / military grade HVAC systems
  • Integrated humidification (immersed element or ultrasonic)

Can you design a custom environmental control system as an integrated solution within my product?

Absolutely! Air Innovations has partnered with many customers to create integrated cooling systems. We have integrated cooling systems into applications as diverse as blood analyzers (biomedical), x-ray baggage scanners (security), large-scale centrifuges (oil & gas), semiconductor tools, and even office desks. Find out more about our custom environmental control capabilities.

What Clean Room classifications does Air Innovations work with?

Air Innovations works with all Clean Room classifications (ISO 1 to ISO 9). In fact, Air Innovations has an entire brand dedicated to Clean Room Environmental Control and air conditioning. We specialize in designing and manufacturing customized modular HVAC systems from ½-ton to 25-ton unit capacities. You can learn more at or contact us concerning your project today.

Are you limited to size or amount of airflow within a clean room environment?

We work with all sizes of critical environments from small cabinets to full size rooms requiring up to 10,000 CFM.

Where can we locate our Environmental Control Unit (ECU)?

Air Innovations has worked with customers locating ECUs in a variety of places, depending on their unique requirements and constraints. ECUs can be freestanding in a dedicated mechanical space, ceiling mounted, integrated into a larger system, or designed as mobile HVAC systems, depending on the situation.

Why is the heat load in the area I am cooling important?

The heat load determines the size of the environmental control system required to cool the space. Different heat loads may require a solution as small as a ¼-ton ECU to a multi-system 25-ton capacity approach.

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