The Challenge:

A world leader in multi-biometric technologies for use in security and identification came to Air Innovations to partner in the development of its explosives detection devices used in airports around the world. The technology used in the OEM’s automated baggage handling explosives detection devices was sophisticated, and in order to function properly, required strict control of temperature and humidity within the unit.

Even more challenging was that these devices were used under highly variable indoor and outdoor baggage check settings in a variety of climates around the world. (Click to learn about this specific explosives detection system.)

The Solution:

Environmental control unit for explosives detection devices Environmental Control Units for Explosives Detection Device

Air Innovations developed a homeland security HVAC unit that optimizes environmental conditions within the OEM equipment in both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures (-10°C to +55°C operation envelope). The design solution was fully integrated inside the client’s system, is designed for quick change out and functions 24/7 in all international electrical voltage modes.

The Result:

  1.  All design specifications were met.
  2.  A unit was developed that optimized environmental conditions within the OEM in extreme temperatures (-10°C to +55°C operation envelope).
  3. The system was fully integrated in the client’s system.
  4. Since limited system downtime was important, the environmental control system is designed for quick change outs.
  5. The system functions 24/7 in all international electrical voltage modes.

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