Environmental Subsytem In Medical Device

The Challenge:

Proper technology is needed to control close-tolerance cold and dry environments in order to protect on-board process reagents. The company brought an initial concept for a custom chemical process control system to Air Innovations. Our task was to refine the design to meet the customer’s performance, serviceability and space specifications, and to prototype, test and ramp up the unit for manufacturing.

Developing the right chemical process control solution for this client required us to overcome a number of challenges. Since the client sells these FDA approved units to a worldwide customer base, we had to design a system that could hold temperature and humidity levels across a broad range of differing environmental conditions while operating 24/7 year-round.

The Solution:

Air Innovations designed a chemical process control solution that relies upon two independent cooling coils and process fans operating on an alternating basis managed by software and various sensor inputs to determine switchover intervals. This ensured the cooling coils continued to operate without defrost interruptions well below the point of freezing, while fitting into the required space equivalent of a small microwave.

The Result:

  1. All designed specifications were met by Air Innovations.
  2. An environmental control system with two independent cooling coils and process fans was designed, prototyped and manufactured.
  3. The system controls close-tolerance cold and dry environments, protects onboard process reagents, and meets all performance, serviceability and space specifications, while holding temperature and humidity levels 24/7.
ECU For Blood Analyzer

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