Air Innovations features an entire division dedicated to the design and manufacture of unitary and custom HVAC systems for cleanrooms and critical environments. In fact, our products are the only fully integrated modular environmental systems specifically created for the cleanroom industry. And – as with all Air Innovations environmental control systems – our clean room air conditioning systems can be tailored to your exact specifications in size, features and functionality. Contact us today.

Clean Room Air Conditioning

Cleanroom HVAC

One of the most critical aspects of cleanroom HVAC systems is air filtration. Not only do these systems control temperature, humidity, and air pressure, they also control the ventilation within the cleanroom, including the direction, speed, and filtration of air as it flows into and out of the space. For this reason, cleanroom HVAC systems typically have a much higher rate of air exchange when compared with standard systems.

In addition, cleanroom HVAC systems usually incorporate high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters, which are capable of removing extremely fine particles and microbes from the air. These filters are critical for maintaining a sterile, controlled environment in critical applications including research laboratories, medical facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing operations. It is crucial that your cleanroom HVAC unit meet any regulatory standards and requirements put in place for your particular applications.

Our Clean Room Air Conditioning Systems Accomplish the Following:

  • Eliminate open drive or belt-driven parts that could other otherwise produce particles and contaminate the air stream
  • Ensure the use of non-out-gassing sealants
  • Incorporate high static blowers to overcome HEPA filter losses
  • Create smaller footprints to save valuable floor space
  • Provide the ability to dehumidify environment
  • Precisely control temperature and humidity

From small cleanroom environments that require the ArrayAir to the larger versatility offered by the HEPAir. Air Innovations has solutions for any environmental cleanroom challenge. Our AdvancAir line of units provide complete customization that cannot be offered by any standard environmental control unit.

If you have a clean room project that requires environmental control, fill out the form below with your design characteristics and contact us today!

Why We’re the Cleanroom Experts

Cleanroom Systems, is a division of Air Innovations with over 25 years of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing environmental process control systems for a wide variety of applications. Equipment is produced in a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Syracuse, New York.

We maintain a dedicated R&D department to test and validate our engineered solutions. Our multi-disciplined engineering team has experience in designing electrical controls, refrigeration, piping, airflow, filtration, cabinetry and enclosures. Our products are certified to the safety and performance standards of ETL, UL, CSA, CE, ANSI, SEMI or MIL-STD.

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