Air Innovations specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom environmental process control solutions for a diverse range of industries. Our temperature, humidity, pressurization, and filtration systems extend from sterile storage cabinets and cleanroom HVAC units to wine cellar cooling and personal desk environment systems.

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However, we’re proud of more than just our company’s technological accomplishments. For the past 40 years, we’ve developed a culture at Air Innovations that promotes innovation, collaboration, personal and professional growth, and community.


Key Aspects of Our Company Culture

We’ve talked to our employees to find out what about our company culture matters to them. This is what we’ve found out.

Work Environment

We use an open office layout to foster greater communication and rapport between directors and general staff alike. Our leadership team maintains an open-door policy so that they can act as a resource to help our employees succeed. Team members have told us that the connections they’ve made here at Air Innovations feel more genuine than their experiences with coworkers in previous jobs. Our “AI After Hours” events, which are the company’s quarterly happy-hour evenings, give employees a chance to socialize outside of work, as well.

It’s important to us to maintain a relaxed working environment where we can have fun while being productive. Air Innovations accomplishes this by treating team members as responsible adults and trusting them to make decisions that make sense for them. For example, production floor workers have a lot of flexibility in scheduling their breaks to better suit their needs and workload.

Speaking of workload, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in the aerospace, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our employees handle a broad spectrum of tasks, meaning that each day can bring about something new, interesting, and uniquely fulfilling. One day, we might be developing complex HVAC units for critical applications, and another, one of our engineers might have a conversation with the director of NASA from the seat of a military C-130 aircraft.

Work-Life Balance

Our support of our employees extends beyond the office. We understand that everyone has a life outside of work and we want everyone to experience important life events with their family. That’s why work-life balance is important at Air Innovations. We want our team members to have the flexibility to be present at their kids’ school events and never hesitate to schedule important doctor or dental appointments.

What makes this work? Everyone is mindful of balancing personal and professional schedules to ensure everything gets done. To further ensure tasks and projects get done in a timely manner, Air Innovations offers paid overtime to interested employees.

Career Growth

We strive to nurture our workers’ ambitions and encourage cross-training so that we’re always learning new skills and finding work that plays to everyone’s strengths. This can mean a longtime employee entering a new role with confidence, or a recruit taking advantage of growth opportunities to augment their career journey. Our dedication to learning also includes continued education, with Air Innovations offering tuition, training programs, or certification fee reimbursements of up to 80%.

What is Your Favorite Part About Working at Air Innovations?

Continual Improvement

Through our daily huddles, we’ve created opportunities to connect, align our efforts more effectively, and focus on core values. We implemented a Company Foundations program, establishing 15 foundational behaviors at Air Innovations. Since we’ve introduced these Foundations a few years ago, we’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in work ethic and comradery within the company.


Our company wouldn’t be where it is today if we didn’t believe in taking some calculated risks. We bolster that approach by doing our homework and developing practical backup plans. But sometimes, mistakes happen. Air Innovations encourages employees to acknowledge and address any errors as they arise and before they can negatively impact other teams or our customers. This has proven to be a highly effective practice as compared to other companies that focus on punishment and therefore inadvertently encourage “sweeping things under the rug.” Rather, we’ve ingrained a strong internal solidarity into our quality control measures.

Air Innovations gold fundraiser

Charitable Contributions

Our employees’ passions are important to us, as is our community. Through staff fundraisers and friendly competitions (like our annual golf tournament), Air Innovations can make charitable contributions to local food banks and other such organizations. We select these charities with the help of feedback from our team. The company also sponsors staff members participating in charity walks and marathons.

Air Innovations: Foundations in Excellence

By building our company on a foundation of support, open communication, work-life balance, and continuous learning, Air Innovations has always been set up for success. To learn more about our company culture and the Air Innovations team, check out our careers page or contact us today.

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