Standardized HVAC units are a reasonable air handling solution for facilities with typical comfort cooling needs and few special concerns. A custom HVAC system or environmental control unit (ECU) can cool specialty spaces and processes within a facility, integrating with a standard ECU. Here, we will explain why custom ECU/HVAC systems are better suited for specialized air handling challenges and offer unique benefits to your space or process.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf HVAC Environmental Control Units

Benefits of Customizing Your ECU/HVAC Unit

No two facilities are identical, so standard solutions cannot serve the needs of every application. Whether it’s a completely new system or designed to integrate with your existing air handling systems, a custom HVAC solution offers advantages not possible with standard units.

Adapts to Climate/Operating Conditions

Off-the-shelf HVAC units are standardized for installation in some environments. But, if your facility is located in an area that is colder, warmer, more humid, drier, or otherwise deviates from standard conditions, that system won’t perform as well. A customized ECU is specifically set up to work best in your precise environmental conditions. Custom systems can also be designed to unique specifications, such as explosion-proof, high filtration, pressurization, or rugged environments.

Targets Specific Applications

If you need to maintain a reliable cold chain, keep a server room cool, have special air filtering needs, or control precise temperatures, a standard HVAC system is insufficient. A customized ECU installation will not only perform better and maintain desired conditions, but it will do so more efficiently. Custom air conditioning can target specific rooms while keeping conditions comfortable for the rest of the facility.

Better Efficiency

An HVAC system too large (too much capacity) for its facility consumes more energy than necessary. A system too small for its facility (not enough capacity) constantly works at maximum capacity without effectively maintaining proper filtration, temperature, or humidity levels. A customized system can eliminate these inefficiencies and save on energy expenses. Constructing new buildings gives technicians the opportunity to customize the HVAC system according to the correct configuration of rooms, windows, doors, hallways, heat loads, and other factors.

Meets Code Requirements

Local and national codes for ventilation and safety are frequently updated, so a custom HVAC solution can make sure your facility keeps up with those changes and stays compliant.

Environmentally Friendly

Because they run based on the precise needs of a space, customized ECUs may also reduce environmental impacts and energy consumption versus a standard solution, while still meeting all the requirements for the space they are cooling. Custom HVAC contractors can recommend special designs, filters, or capabilities to improve indoor air quality and lower operational costs while complying with environmental standards.

Custom Environmental Control and HVAC Systems at Air Innovations

Air Innovations’ custom environmental control systems are designed to meet specialized needs for controlling temperature, humidity, and filtration. We serve both OEM and non-OEM markets with prototyping and testing as well as mass production. We also design and build systems to a variety of international standards and electrical systems.


Custom ECU/HVAC installation options include the following:

  • Integrated
  • Mounted
  • Standalone

Installations can also be designed for unique sizes or configurations and for mobile units.

Control Specifications

Our systems have been tested for operation in ambient conditions from 0 °F to 100 °F (-18 °C to 38 °C) and up to 95% humidity. Our customized systems can be precisely controlled according to these specifications:

  • Temperature: tolerances down to +/- 0.02 °C
  • Humidity: tolerances down to +/- 0.5%
  • Cooling: DX, chilled water, or thermoelectric
  • Refrigerants: standard (DX) or specialty
  • Filtration: HEPA, ULPA, or molecular
  • Humidification or dehumidification: steam or ultrasonic
  • Pressure: positive or negative
  • Safety and performance standards: CE mark, milspec, ANSI, or other standards

Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Application & Industry

Air Innovations can customize an ECU to meet your facility’s needs. Common industries and applications we serve include the following:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Explosion-Proof Applications
  • Homeland Security
  • Library & Museum Archive Storage
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Military
  • Mining & Drilling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Semiconductor

Contact Our Experts Today for Your Environmental Control Needs

At Air Innovations, our goal is to solve your unique HVAC and environmental control requirements with customized systems, especially when off-the-shelf options are inadequate. Contact us today to start planning a custom air handling solution or to request a quote.

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