Several of Air Innovations’ projects for the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries were featured in the May issue of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine and, respectively.

Air Innovations’ environmental control systems business supports numerous industries with extremely demanding specifications. Within the aerospace industry, the company has designed and manufactured the environmental controls used in the manufacturing of NASA satellites, an airborne laser and a portable air conditioning system for transporting rockets to the launch pad. An in-depth look at the type of environmental controls Air Innovations created for an Air Force base that launches military material into outer space can be viewed in article written by AI President and CEO Michael Wetzel, P.E. “Ready for Launch” was featured n the May issue of Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine.

From the pharmaceutical industry’s point of view, perfecting the timing and precision of moisturizing and drying procedures can eliminate or at least drastically reduce coating problems. Read about Air Innovations’ environmental control solution for mitigating inefficiencies in the tablet coating department. The article, written by Wetzel, is called “Environmental Control for Fluid Bed Machines” and appeared in May’s

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"I'm really impressed with the how the unit is responding to the test parameters, and the recovery times are exceptionally impressive. Your attention to detail and expertise is very evident with how the PECS is performing during this final test phase."

Ed Duben - Mission Management, United Launch Alliance