Air Innovations is excited to announce Plimpton & Hills as a new distributor of its SPLIT and PACK Series Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems.

Plimpton & Hills is a leading supplier of plumbing, heating and HVAC products for residential and commercial applications supplying Connecticut, Massachusetts and Westchester County, NY for over 100 years.

Air Innovations SPLIT and PACK Series Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market. These specialty cooling systems are intended for low temperature air conditioning. Applications include wine cellars, art or document preservation, instrument or fur storage, cheese rooms, computer closets and server room air conditioning, other niche environments, and more. These units can be used in nearly any application and are available from ¼-ton to 2-ton capacities.

Just Ask Our Clients

"I'm really impressed with the how the unit is responding to the test parameters, and the recovery times are exceptionally impressive. Your attention to detail and expertise is very evident with how the PECS is performing during this final test phase."

Ed Duben - Mission Management, United Launch Alliance