Environmental Process Control Systems

Environmental Control & Custom HVAC Systems

At Air Innovations, we specialize in the design and development of self-contained and remote packaged cooling systems for the precise control of temperature, humidity, and filtration. Our core strength is our ability to understand technical environmental requirements, constraints, and goals and then to transform those elements into a custom packaged process environmental control system for our customers.

Environmental control systems—also referred to as environmental control units (ECUs)—are devices used to regulate environmental conditions within a space. They play a critical role in a variety of industrial applications. By ensuring operating temperature, humidity, and other parameters are at appropriate levels, ECUs help industry professionals achieve optimal process effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Core Environmental Control and HVAC System Capabilities:

We customize our environmental control and HVAC solutions to the needs of the customer. The table below outlines our core capabilities.

Temperature Control:

Control environments from 0°F to 100°F (-18°C and 38°C) with tolerances as precise as ±0.02°C

Humidity and Dew Point Control:

Control tolerances to ±0.5% RH; Desiccant to 95% RH


HEPA, ULPA, molecular

Our ECUs are available in three configurations:

  • Integrated. These units are designed to accommodate an existing equipment structure, resulting in a smaller footprint, greater system efficiency, and lower installation costs.
  • Mounted. These units are attached to an existing system and can be designed to reduce a system’s overall weight and footprint.
  • Standalone. These units are placed around equipment rather than in or on them, allowing for greater flexibility regarding system location, installation, configuration, and performance capabilities.

ECUs configurations

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Additional Environmental Control Capabilities:

Some of the features regularly incorporated into our environmental control units include the following:

  • Typical (DX) or specialty refrigerants
  • Water-cooled environmental control units
  • Thermoelectric environmental control technology
  • Explosion Proof Systems

Our experts provide custom HVAC system design, prototype building, testing, and manufacturing services. By offering complete custom solutions, we ensure the system we deliver fully complies with the requirements and restrictions of the application.

Benefits of Custom Environmental Control Systems

Compared to standard HVAC solutions, custom HVAC solutions offer a number of advantages. By investing in a custom system, industry professionals can tailor the unit to accommodate their exact needs, including with regard to operating environment, size constraints, regulatory and industry standards, and efficiency requirements.


ECUs for Specialized Applications

We supply environmental control and HVAC systems to customers in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, the following:

Aerospace Aerospace. In the aerospace industry, system failure can result in catastrophic consequences. Our environmental control units offer reliable performance, whether they are used during pre-launch payload cooling or instrument calibration operations.
Healthcare Healthcare. In the healthcare industry, facilities must abide by strict sanitation standards to ensure the health of patients, personnel, and visitors. We offer environmental control solutions that help preserve hygienic conditions by preventing pathogen transmission, maintaining instrument sterility, isolating quarantine areas, and sterilizing spaces.
Healthcare Military. Military equipment is often subjected to harsh conditions. Our ECUs are designed and built for durability and reliability, ensuring they continue to offer temperature, humidity, and other environmental condition control even when used in some of the most challenging environments.
Healthcare Pharmaceutical. Similar to the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical industry is subject to stringent standards to ensure the health and wellness of consumers. Our environmental control units offer precise control over environmental conditions, which can lead to better process and product quality.
Healthcare Semiconductor. During semiconductor manufacturing operations, temperature and humidity can significantly affect the quality of the final product. Our ECUs allow manufacturers to control conditions within the manufacturing facility closely and carefully to minimize the risk of product damage or contamination.

Why Partner With Air Innovations?

At Air Innovations, we are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom environmental control solutions. Equipped with extensive industry-specific experience (including for the aerospace, healthcare, military, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries), we can provide an appropriate ECU for virtually any environmental control need.

To learn more about our environmental control solutions or discuss your application requirements with one of our experts, contact us today.

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