AdvancAir – Clean Room Air Conditioner

AdvancAir® environmental control units put greater capacity and enhanced performance in a smaller footprint. Units are custom built to your exact specification in a variety of system configurations. Our engineering staff will work with you one-on-one to create a full-sized prototype. You can then inspect and test the solution under contract load conditions simulated in our environmental chambers. Small scale or full-run production capabilities are available.

ECU Semiconductor ApplicationAdvancAir Clean Room Air Conditioner technical capabilities

  • Temperature control as tight as plus or minus 0.01 ºC
  • Humidification control capable to plus or minus 0.5% RH
  • Sophisticated process and static pressure controls
  • Chilled water or DX-based systems
  • Computer managed system-wide control for total environmental process, capable of integration into facility control system
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations
  • Meet Semi S2-93 and S8-05 standards
  • Non out-gassing construction available

Examples of AdvancAir applications installed around the world

  • Semiconductor (lithography, CMP, wafer processing)
  • Microelectronic
  • Aerospace (satellite and space craft development)
  • Compact disc production
  • Ultra-clean assembly and metrology operations

 Download AdvancAir datasheet

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