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Sterile Storage Cabinet

Air Innovations’ Sterile Storage Cabinet the SSC 4500 is the portable storage solution for your sterilized equipment. Units are designed for temperature and humidity control to simulate clean room conditions without the need to design a new clean room. Sterile Storage Cabinets can be used in variety of commercial applications ranging from hospitals to dentistry, and other private practices. Unique temperature and humidity control maintains temperature 66°F to 72°F and humidity 20% to 60% RH. On-board custom control system provides easy operation utilizing a digital display for monitoring temperature, humidity and status.


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Sterile Storage Cabinet

Sterile Storage Cabinet Features:

  • Easily cleanable hospital grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Meets IEC 60601-1 Medical Standard for Power Supplies
  • Exceeds requirements of VA Directive 1116(2)
  • HEPA Filtration designed to exceed ISO 7 Cleanliness
  • Unit mounted on casters for easy relocation as needed
  • Capability to interface with VA network environmental monitoring system such as FreshLoc or TempTrak type systems
  • 120V hospital grade 10ft long plug-in-chord
  • Steam humidification utilizing standard demineralized water.





Just Ask Our Clients

"I'm really impressed with the how the unit is responding to the test parameters, and the recovery times are exceptionally impressive. Your attention to detail and expertise is very evident with how the PECS is performing during this final test phase."

Ed Duben - Mission Management, United Launch Alliance

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