Sterile storage cabinet 101Managing cleanliness and sterilization standards is a constant challenge for healthcare facilities, especially when you face space constraints. Air Innovations’ sterile storage cabinets (SSC 4500) offer increased storage space with controllable temperature and humidity conditions—technologies that meet or exceed industry standards.

Sterile Storage

Facilities need to maintain sterile conditions for stored sterilized implements, equipment, and inventory. This includes detailed procedures for cleaning and sterilizing, but also the right storage tools, so companies can stay compliant with regulatory standards.

Sterile storage units do not just create a barrier between items and potential contaminants like dust, dirt, viruses, or bacteria. They regulate the temperature and humidity to prevent decay and increase the shelf life of stored goods. Medical and industrial facilities need sterile storage capabilities for scrubs and head covers, as well as other sensitive items, such as surgical instrumentation, surgical implants, medications, and surgical setups. They decentralize the storage of sterile instruments.

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“Thank you so much. I really like the cabinets and they have helped us get into compliance.” Government Customer, “K.E.” 

Ensuring Sterile Storage Conditions

Sterile storage cabinets offer optimal conditions for storing goods to maintain their existing level of cleanliness after they undergo sterilization or while they are in their original sealed packaging. Look for cabinets that offer the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Temperature and Humidity control
  • Positive Pressure
  • Filtration
  • Cleanliness

Well-designed cabinets drastically reduce the risk of contamination even after the equipment has been sterilized. Some of these events include excessive handling, moisture penetrating the item’s package or seal, or exposure to contaminants.

Sterile Storage Cabinet Case Study

Sterile storage maintaining the right environment

Sterile Storage Temperature and Humidity Parameters

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity conditions is essential for protecting goods from contaminants and degradation. Hot temperatures can ruin the materials or break the seals in the original packaging. Moisture buildup degrades fibrous material and can create a breeding ground for even small traces of microorganisms. While this is a risk for even short-term storage, it is an even more pressing concern for long-term storage with irregular access.

Facilities can manage these risks by investing in ventilated storage cabinets that can keep the temperature below 75°F and humidity levels below 70%. These cabinets should be augmented with sensors and chemical indicators that can alert facility managers of potential exposure or changes to the storage conditions.

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Download Sterile Storage Cabinet Datasheet Download the Sterile Storage Cabinet Manual

Sterile Storage Cabinet Features:

SSC 4500 sterile storage cabinetAt Air Innovations, we build our cabinets to replicate cleanroom conditions, so you can easily monitor your equipment’s conditions and rely on the integrity of the space. Each of our portable cabinets offers steam humidification to meet ideal storage conditions with just standard demineralized water, and each system can interface with nearly any network environmental monitoring systems, including FreshLoc or TempTrak systems. The cabinets have features such as metal construction, industry-standard filtration and humidity control, smart monitoring tools that limit traffic or exposure, and more:

  • Bottom casters for easy movement
  • Hospital-grade 304 stainless steel construction that’s easy to sanitize
  • HEPA Filtration designed to exceed ISO 4 Cleanliness (or better in controlled environments)
  • 120V hospital-grade 10ft long plug-in cord

Our cabinets meet or exceed the following standards:

  • IEC 60601-1 Medical Standard for Power Supplies
  • ISO 4 Cleanliness (or better in controlled environments)
  • Requirements of VA Directive 1116(2);

—CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Z314.15-10;
ANSI/AAMI ST79-2006 (by storing sterilized instruments in an environment with temperature and humidity control, positive pressure, HEPA filtration, and ventilation);
—ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2017

Leasing Options Available

Sterile storage cabinets applicationsCommon Applications

SSC4500 Sterile storage cabinets belong wherever facilities need access to sterilized personal protective equipment (PPE), reliable inventory storage of humidity and temperature-sensitive goods, and medical implements. Some of the most popular applications of our sterile storage cabinets include the following:

  • Use in hospitals and private practice offices
  • For dental implements and equipment storage
  • To store veterinary equipment and supplies
  • Retrofitting medical facilities with additional storage
  • Offsite storage of single-use, manufacturer sterilized supplies

Interested in learning about how our Sterile Storage Cabinet came to be? Read our case study regarding the process of designing and manufacturing the product. 

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