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Specialized HVAC for Wine Cellars, Fur Storage, Cigar Rooms, Art Preservation, Data Centers, and More.
Our Areas of Expertise Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems

Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems

PACK & SPLIT Series Specialty HVACSPLIT and PACK Series Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market. These specialty cooling systems are intended for low temperature air conditioning. Applications include wine cellars, art or document preservation, instrument or fur storage, cheese rooms, computer closets and server room air conditioning, other niche environments, and more. These units can be used in nearly any application.

Pack and Split Series specialty residential and commercial HVAC systems are available in cooling capacities from 1/4-ton to 2-tons and have unique options, such as a remote user interface control system for monitoring cellar or room conditions and a bolt-on humidifier. The Pack Series is available in water-cooled or air-cooled models.

Specialty Environment HVAC Features:

  • Aluminum body and all-aluminum evaporator coils (fins & tubes) are corrosion-resistant
  • Multiple evaporator outlet locations (any of five sides on Split Series, three sides on the Pack Series)
  • Standard high static pressure fan for extended lengths or ductwork
  • All inclusive – high and low pressure safety switches and low-ambient controls on condensing unit for winter operation
  • Mountable between joists
  • Utility piping in one easily accessible location


Vertical Packaged Air ConditionerThe VPACK, Air Innovations’ latest model in the PACK Series Specialty HVAC systems is available in 1/2-ton and 1-ton cooling capacities and has the same unique options such as the remote interface controller and water-cooled systems.  With its vertical design and flexibility of multiple evaporator outlet locations, the VPACK is ideal for installation in narrow spaces where a small footprint is required.  Examples include small grow rooms, long-term food storage rooms, building retrofits, etc.



PACK-VPACK Series System Datasheet
SPLIT Series System Datasheet
PACK-VPACK Series Owners Manual
SPLIT Series System Owners Manual

System Specification (BTUH)*

Model Wine Cellars
SPLIT25 3,830 4,180 1.0 115
SPLIT50 5,500 7,760 1.0 115
 SPLIT88  9,420  10,690  2.0  230
 SPLIT200  14,900  20,100  2.0  230
 PACK25  3,540  4,425  1.0  115
 PACK50  5,860  7,835  1.0 115
 PACK88  8,760  11,300  2.0  230
 PACK200  15,900  20,500  2.0  230
VPACK50 5,860 7,835 1.0 115
VPACK88 8,760 11,300 2.0 230


*See detailed specifications for complete product performance specifications, above table to be used as a guide only, based on 90°F condenser inlet conditions and maximum evaporator airflow at 0.0″ esp. Maximum advisable operating conditions are ASHRAE rating conditions of 80/50% indoor at 95°F outdoor.

Distributors of Specialty Environment HVAC Systems:

ACT Agents – (561) 402-9205 – Territory: FL
Evolution Air – (905) 624-5412 – Toll Free 877-227-0424 – Territory: Canada
Johnstone Supply – (770) 859-0660 Territory: GA
Plimpton & Hills (860) 522-4233 – Territory: CT, MA, NY
Vista Sales Associates – (303) 989-7636 – Territory: CO, NM, WY
Willeford Sales – (855) 945-5336 – Territory: AZ, CA, NV, UT

For states not listed above contact us at or call toll free 800-825-3268

 Interested in becoming a distributor? Email us at


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