Custom replacement for Personal Environments® Fan and Electronics Unit from Johnson Controls

The Challenge:

Develop a replacement circulated fan and electronics unit or “Personal Climate Control Console” integrated into a personal console (advanced office desk) after the original provider discontinued the product. The end product needed to provide cooling or heating, as necessary: Directional cooling was to be provided at varying levels over a broad CFM range via two desk-mounted nozzles so users could personalize both the quantity and direction of cooling. Heating needed to flow through an adjustable nozzle below the work surface via an inline electric heater.

In addition, the original design did not fit the customer’s smallest desks, and they looked to us to find one solution that would fit all their desk sizes and create personal environments for users. That meant designing a system that achieved the customer’s desired results while moving less air than the original design (due to the smaller space).

Download our desktop console management system whitepaper: The Human Factor

The Solution:

Here are the main specs of the integrated environmental control system we created and prototyped.

Custom ECu For Desk Consoles-compressed

Key Specifications:

  • 0 – 35 CFM above desk surface
  • 0 – 150 W of heating directed below the desk surface combined at 25 CFM airflow
  • Desk-mounted touch screen unit including the following:

o Airflow control for above and below the desk

o Brightness control

o Motion sensor for auto start/stop of the system

  • Filtration similar to original design; advanced filtration is optional
  • Beneath-the-desk mounting and electrical controls
  • Meet UL/CSA standards

The Result:

A happy customer. Here’s why:

1. On-time delivery (3-Phase project; we exceeded deliverables in each phase)

2. Weighs 17% less than the original design (10 lbs vs. 12lbs.)

3. Includes an integral heater (Air Innovations’ design) vs. separate plate heater (original design)

4. Consumer friendly design:

a. Integrated unit with no ductwork (Air Innovations’ solution) vs. the original unit size 14 x 11.5 x 8.5 in. (356 x 292 x 216 mm) with added ductwork that interfered with customers’ legroom (original design)

b. Integrated color touch pad controller (Air Innovations’ solution) vs. slide controls (original design)

c. Easy installation (no ductwork or external heater to attach)

5. Quieter than the original design

** Micro Environments is Patent Pending

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