KARI Aerospace Hvac

The Challenge:

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) recently came to Air Innovations® to design and manufacture a mobile thermostatting unit (MTU) [also known as a portable environmental control system]. This MTU would need to condition 100% of the air for the payload and would be exposed to ambient conditions of -15° to 33°C (5°-91°F) while maintaining temperature control of 8° to 32°C ±1°C (46°-90°F ±2°F). The dewpoint of delivered air would need to be held to 6.5°C or less, despite the ambient inlet air having dewpoints as high as 25°C. This environmental control unit would also require the supply air to be delivered at a range of airflows and at a very high static pressure.

The Solution:

The portable environmental control system (PECS) maintains the payload of rockets from transport to pre-launch to final countdown and is designed to control temperature to 8°-32°C to within ±1°C (46°-90°F ±2°F) using entirely once-thru air. This system achieves the airflow requirements with an output capacity of 1,000-1,500 CFM and a static pressure of 20” WC. Dewpoint levels of the inlet air are held to 6.5°C or less. One of the biggest features of this unit is the inclusion of high-level programming. An auto-tuned PID loop controller provides automatic temperature variance correction which can be manually set by a user. Ethernet connectivity is provided to create a connection between all controls and the user.

The Result:

  • A mobile thermostatting unit that maintains the payload of rockets from transport to pre-launch to final countdown
  • Temperature control between 8°-32°C to within ±1°C
  • Dewpoint control of the inlet air to 6.5°C or less
  • Airflow capacity of 1,000-1,500 CFM using once-thru air
  • 20” WC of static pressure
  • Variable speed scroll compressors
  • 30kW electric re-heater
  • HEPA filtration to meet ISO class 7
  • Rain hood & deflectors and salt-environment protective coatings

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