The Challenge:

A defense contractor that designs and manufactures electronic enclosures for avionic, mobile and fixed applications came to Air Innovations for a solution to make its devices more rugged and capable of withstanding harsh field conditions. The military HVAC system would be located in a workstation that is typically in the back of a humvee. It would be used for direct surveillance drones that operate in warfare under extreme weather conditions including the desert, where extreme heat, blowing sand and driving rains would be the norm.

The Solution:

Ruggedized Military Environmental Control Unit

Air Innovations solution was a military environmental control unit built to withstand not only desert extremes, but variations in temperature and humidity found around the world. This military HVAC unit was designed to handle extreme climatic ranges, from -31°C to +50°C (-24°F to +122° F), conditioning those extremes to a consistent air quality and ensuring proper performance of the workstation. The HVAC system was designed according to various mil-spec requirements, its packaging was restricted to the most stringent of weight and size limitations, and the system was subjected to – and successfully passed – repeated drop testing.

The Result:

  • All design specifications were met.
  • The military HVAC system was built to withstand extremes in temperature and humidity from around the world – ranging from –31°C to +50°C (-24°F to +122° F), while maintaining consistent air quality and proper performance.
  • The environmental control system met all mil-spec requirements, weight and size requirements and was able to withstand repeated drop testing.
  • The solution was designed, tested, prototyped, and manufactured at Air Innovation’s facility.

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