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HEPAir® Cleanroom HVAC

HEPAir® cleanroom HVAC units, which are available in horizontal modules, are the perfect solution for stable control of temperature, humidity, pressure and cleanliness. HEPAir integrated modular environmental control systems can be used in cleanrooms as well as in industrial and commercial applications such as computer rooms, laboratories, hospitals, facility additions, mini-environments, and process isolators. Units are ideal for softwall, single pass air cleanrooms where comfort cooling is desirable. Multiple HEPAir units are easily grouped together for added cooling capacity.

Let’s talk about what HEPAir can do for your next project.

HEPAir Unit

HEPAir Systems in Your Cleanroom

The HEPAir® system can be mounted directly or remotely to most manufacturers’ fan filters. Units are designed to work with either standard fan filter units (FFU’s) or can be specified with static pressure capabilities for terminal or panel HEPA filters. HEPAir is modular and can be quickly installed, relocated or added on to. Its multi-panel design allows for variable duct connections making it ideal for plenum, once-through and re-circulating installations used in soft-wall cleanrooms, upgrades, problematic areas, additions, spot cooling, and process isolators applications. The mechanical components are accessible from the front or through removable access panels for ease of start-up and maintenance.

HEPAir cooling units combine cleanroom air conditioning and HEPA fan/filter technology and do all the things you would expect from a larger, more complex system.

HEPAir Cleanroom HVAC systems features and capabilities:

  • Operate independently of large, central systems
  • Can control positive and negative pressure
  • Are ideal where point-of-use control is required
  • Available with many factory-installed options such as close temperature tolerances, alarms and controls
  • Designed to match to most existing fan/filter units
  • Available in 115,208-230V, 60 Hz; 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Designed for once-through or recirculating applications
  • Designed to allow field connections from multiple sides
  • A “do-it-yourself” solution for when the cost of outside consultants and contractors is prohibitive
  • The ability to easily relocate or modify the space at a later date

Download HEPAir datasheet

Download HEPAir manual