The MyZone™ personal desk environment (model ME200) is a desk console management system that attaches to a personal work surface and combines environmental control, lighting control, and lift functions inside a single unit.

MyZone Unit Installed on Desk


The MyZone desk console management control system includes a color touch screen for environmental control (heating and cooling airflow), lighting control, and integrated desk-leg lift control functions. Users can control these features with the non-fixed controller, which can be positioned anywhere above or below the desk. The unit itself can be mounted horizontally or vertically under the desk.

MyZone Controller on Desk

Standard MyZone System Features:

  • Variable Heating and Cooling with adjustable louvers that allow air to be directed at the user
  • Non-fixed controller for user placement convenience
  • Integrated leg lift control for sit/stand desk
  • Presets for up to 15 users
  • Task light dimming
  • Adjustable clock and calendar
  • Adjustable white noise generator

Download the MyZone Systems Datasheet

♻️ Lowest power consumption in the industry – half the power draw of all similar systems

♻️ Automatic motion sensor that puts system into sleep mode after ten (10) minutes of inactivity – additional power savings


Optional HEPA Filtration


micro environments whitepaperDownload our desktop console management system whitepaper:

The Human Factor



*ME200 US Patent No. D786096.


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