IsolationAir® Portable Contamination Control System for AIIR

IsolationAir® is a portable contamination control system ideal for hospitals, extended care facilities, and emergency preparedness centers. This system maintains a sterile environment in an isolated room, which prevents cross-contamination throughout the rest of the facility— creating a better environment for patients and staff.

IsolationAir is equipped with on-board HEPA filtration, UV sterilization, and ductwork connections. This system is capable of quickly converting a standard-sized patient room into a negative or positive pressure environment. IsolationAir helps hospitals meet and address Capability 4 Medical Surge Objective 2 in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response:

  • Activity #9 Enhance Infectious Disease Preparedness & Surge Response
  • Activity #6 Provide Burn Care during a Medical Surge Response
  • Activity #1 Develop Emergency Department and Inpatient Medical Surge Capacity and Capability
  • [Ensure Immediate Bed Availability by rapidly… using non-traditional spaces;
  • Critical Care: rapidly expand capacity by adapting… areas for critical care]

Call for pricing (315) 452-7414.

U.S. Government organizations can purchase IsolationAir systems through Franklin Young International (SDVOSB), GSA # GS-07F-0636W or ECAT # SPE2DE-21-D-0014. Non-government organizations should contact us directly.

Leasing Options Available.

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Beyond the Basics – Achieving Contamination Control in Critical Spaces


Combining known technologies into an easy-to-deploy portable unit

  • HEPA filtration for airborne particulate removal via recirculated air
  • Ultraviolet C (UVC) light to aide in sterilizing airborne viruses and bacteria trapped in the HEPA filter
  • Pressure control either negative or positive
    • Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (COVID-19, TB, SARS, smallpox, etc.) require negative pressure
    • Protective Environments (burn, immuno-suppressed) require positive pressure
  • Temperature control – the room becomes isolated from the central system
  • Only air having passed through both UVC and HEPA filtration will be returned to hospital HVAC

IsolationAir® meets CDC, AIA and ASHRAE guidelines for new or renovation

  • 12 air changes per hour via HEPA filters
  • Each IsolationAir unit conditions rooms up to 375 sqft with an 8’ ceiling
  • Pressure differential of 0.01” minimum between room and adjoining spaces
    (May require additional seals around doors or other significant leak points in large rooms with poorly sealed doors)
  • Continuous operation when plugged into emergency generator outlet
  • Provides stable temperature control for patient comfort
  • Originally designed to meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ critical benchmarks:
    • Critical Benchmark #2-2: Surge Capacity: Isolation Capacity
    • Critical Benchmark #2-9: Surge Capacity: Trauma and Burn Care
    • Cross-cutting Critical Benchmark #6: Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza

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Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR) (Negative Pressure Setup) 

Negative pressure room

Protective Environments (Positive Pressure Set Up)

Positive pressure rooms with isolationAir unit