The Challenge:

Custom Ecu For Semiconductor Application Custom ECU for Semiconductor Application

One of the biggest challenges in using lithography in high-volume semiconductor fabrication is photomask defectivity. A global supplier to the semiconductor and photomask making industries asked Air Innovations to create an environmental control unit (ECU) that could service — on demand — any of its nanomachining mask repair tool systems. Extremely tight tolerance was required for both temperature and humidity.

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The Solution:

We configured vertical, stainless steel environmental control systems to match the client’s various types of mask-repair tools. The units would be configured to provide recirculated, steady-state air to the mask-repair tool with very specific temperature and humidity controls for optimal tool calibration. The semiconductor process equipment needed to accept a range of incoming power at 208V/3Phase and either 50 or 60 Hz without degradation of overall performance.
Key Specifications:

  • Air temperature controlled to ±0.03°C (set point range is adjustable from 19°C to 23°C)
  • RH controlled to ±1% RH (set point range is adjustable 45-55%)
  • No more than 1°C/5 minutes with a maximum deviation of 3°C (Tool vs Fab)
  • No more than 1% RH/3 minutes with a maximum deviation of 5% (Tool vs Fab)
  • Airflow designed for 600 – 1350 CFM
    • Max. external static pressure of 1.65” at 1350CFM
    • Max. external static pressure of 1.15” at 600 CFM
  • Hot-gas bypass refrigeration control
  • 7.5kW electric reheater

The Result:

Two newly configured systems allowing the customer to communicate with nanomachining mask repair tools anywhere in the world and to gain direct access to the ECU’s controls and diagnostics by simply logging onto the internet through a Windows-based program. In addition, the environmental control unit for the mask-repair test equipment also included the following attributes:

  • Meets UL standards
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • 6 leveling legs
  • 4 seismic tie-downs at the corner leveling legs for safety in seismic hazard zones

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