This page presents a collection of whitepapers on the HVAC challenges presented to Air Innovations from the industries we serve.

Semiconductor and aerospace applications require strict environmental control in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Our whitepapers describe the challenges these industries present when it comes to effectively controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and more.

Cleanroom technology whitepaper cover photo

Cleanroom Technology

By Michael Wetzel

Many cleanrooms require a sophisticated environmental control unit (ECU) in order to achieve the needed temperature, humidity, filtration, and pressure specifications. “Cleanroom Technology” illustrates how these four variables can impact your application, and how an Air Innovations ECU can achieve your required specifications.

Aerospace whitepaper


By Michael Wetzel

“Neutralizing Nature” illustrates the challenges of environmental control in aerospace applications. Aerospace applications may require temperature control, humidity control, particle control, and/or molecule control.

Semiconductor whitepaper


By Michael Wetzel

“Pursuing Perfection” is a piece focusing on how important cleanroom systems can be in allowing semiconductors to operate as efficiently as possible. With semiconductor applications, a fleck of dust or a small fluctuation in temperature is enough to cause mayhem.

Pharmaceutical whitepaper

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

By Michael Wetzel

A Healthy Environment” shows the challenges pharmaceutical and life sciences companies face when it comes to environmental control. Small fluctuations in temperature or moisture levels can destroy life-saving medicines or cause intricate diagnostic systems to misread vital data.

Micro environments whitepaper

Desktop Console Management System

By Michael Wetzel

Micro Environment units offer a complete desktop console management system to condition workers who primarily work at desks for a large part of the workday. “The Human Factor” describes how our desktop console management systems create comfortable spaces for mission-critical workers such as Air Traffic Controllers or 911 Dispatchers.