Unique solutions engineering

While many of our customers work in the industries we highlight in our site menu, many others work in completely unique industries with unique needs. Customized environmental solutions are our specialty, and our expert team can create custom air handling units that control temperature, humidity, pressure, and more in nearly any industry.

We’ve worked on complex engineered structures, such as the Linq High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas, developed systems for energy exploration and other severe-duty applications, and maintained environments for agricultural products with special requirements, just to highlight a few additional diverse industries requiring specialized air handling equipment. Read more.

We were also asked to design a Class I Div I environmental control system to cool an electrical cabinet that houses several frequency drives for large centrifuge machines used to remove slurry during drilling for oil and gas operations. Read more.

Explosion Proof HVAC

Explosion-proofing is a common requirement we have designed for customers in various industries. Our explosion proof air conditioning systems have been designed for near-continuous operation, while withstanding harsh environments and extreme temperatures in petroleum, mining, military, aerospace and pharmaceutical applications. Read the case study on explosion proof ECUs designed to cool frequency drives in large centrifuge machines in pharmaceutical tablet-coating, or visit Our Areas of Expertise to learn about our general capabilities.

Oil, gas, & mining capabilities

Specialty Environment HVAC

Sometimes, our customers can utilize standard solutions, such as our Specialty Commercial and Residential HVAC systems, which not only provide niche environmental control, but are also flexible enough to work in anything from data centers and art preservation to wine cellars and cigar storage.

MyZone Desk Micro Environments

We have even assisted manufacturers of emergency consoles and other desk consoles with environmental control solutions (see our MyZone personal console management and climate control systems for more).

To see how we can help you with a custom air-handling solution or with one of our standard environmental control solutions, contact us with your project inquiry today.