USP 797 Environmental Monitoring 101 | HVAC Requirements

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USP 797 is a standard for sterility that pharmaceutical compounding and preparation facilities must demonstrate. USP 797 is set by the United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP-NF) and ensures patient safety by protecting pharmaceuticals from contamination during preparation. Following USP 797 reduces infection, contamination, and improper dosage to maintain superior quality products in facilities […] Read More »

Personal Climate Control for Your Work Desk | Heating & Cooling

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Indoor climate control is a wonder of modern engineering, but it can be extremely expensive and wasteful. Nearly 13% of the United State’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling buildings. Instead of controlling the climate of entire buildings, a better solution may be to control the climate of individual spaces in buildings. Installing a […] Read More »

How To Keep Elders Healthy Under Family Care Or Aging In Place

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Deciding how and where to best care for senior citizens as they get older can be an emotionally fraught experience. There are also several practical considerations that go into the decision to ensure their needs are met. Whether families decide to move their elderly parents in with them or to keep seniors in their own […] Read More »

Portable IsolationAir Contamination Control Units Bring Flexibility to Hospitals

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COVID-19 has put healthcare facilities under extraordinary pressure to accomplish more with less. Nurses and doctors had to care for waves of sick patients with limited resources. Medical personnel simply didn’t have the equipment or facilities needed to keep up with patient demand, and they struggled to contain the virus with makeshift solutions. The most […] Read More »

Air Innovations Sells Its 50,000th Unit

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After 35 years in business, Air Innovations has sold its 50,000th Unit Air Innovations, the leader in environmental control units (ECUs), has announced it sold its 50,000th unit. On September 29, 2021, the company shipped the milestone unit from its Wine Guardian brand of wine cellar cooling systems. The 50,000th unit is a DS025 ducted […] Read More »

Negative and Positive Pressure Room Requirements 101

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Negative or positive pressure rooms are often necessary to prevent contamination and maintain a climate-controlled environment in various applications. While these rooms are somewhat similar, there are certain differences between their designs and requirements. Here we’ll give an overview of both of these types of environments, including their intended applications and design requirements. Negative Pressure […] Read More »

How to Create Negative Pressure in a Hospital Room?

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Negative pressure rooms control airborne pathogens by exhausting contaminated air from the building while preventing the air from leaking into other parts of the facility. These rooms are a necessity to maintain the safety of guests, patients, and hospital staff. At Air Innovations, Inc., our expertise in negative pressure HVAC systems will ensure that your […] Read More »

A Guide to Building Hospital Isolation Rooms

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At Air Innovations, we’ve designed, manufactured, and tested custom environmental control solutions for OEMs and non-OEMs for over 30 years. This extensive experience provides us with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver appropriate systems for a wide range of industries. One of the key markets we serve is the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals know […] Read More »

ULPA vs. HEPA Filters | Air Filter Selection Guide

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All heating and cooling air duct systems naturally collect dust and contaminants. Clean rooms, such as those used in the electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, require a controlled environment free of dust, airborne particles, and other contaminants. Ultra low particulate air (ULPA) filters and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are used in commercial air […] Read More »