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Case Studies in Environmental Control Solutions

The case studies below are examples of how Air Innovations created environmental control solutions to work in a variety of processes across multiple industries. From biotech and pharma to aerospace and military, you can learn about a handful of our customers who came to us for solutions in environmental control.

To see how we can develop a custom environmental control system or HVAC solution that meets your environmental or process control challenge, give us a call or submit a custom project inquiry today.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems: An Inside Look Into How An Environmental Control Unit Protected An Investment In The Future
Environmental Control Units: Innovation In Emergency & Military Response Vehicles
Aerospace Environmental Control Unit For Lockheed Martin Space Systems: Protecting An Investment In The Future
Pharmaceutical Environmental Control Unit: Where Process Control Drives the Outcome
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) Case Study – Mobile Thermostatting Unit
Portable Environmental Control System – Aerospace Case Study
Vertical AdvancAir® ECU
Aerospace Environmental Control Units in a Semi-Tropical, Salt-Air Environment
Explosion Proof HVAC: Mining and Drilling
Custom Clean Room Temperature Control for Lithography Tool
Engineering: Custom Temperature Control in Complex Structures
Custom: Redesign of Personal Environmental Control Console
Research: Water-Cooled ECU for Laboratory
Military HVAC Systems: Withstanding Harsh Conditions
Homeland Security HVAC: Environmental Control for Explosives Detection Devices
Semiconductor: Custom ECU for Semiconductor Process Equipment
Pharmaceutical HVAC Systems: Precision Process Control
Medical Devices: Ensuring Efficacy of Process Reagents – Chemical Process Control
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners
Research: Linear Accelerator Cooling System
Resarch: Environmental Control System for Photonics Testing
Medical: Desiccant Humidity Control and Temperature Regulation for Biotherapy Effectiveness Testing
Aerospace: Environmental Control Systems & PECS
Aerospace: Portable Cleanroom Control